«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

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«OLEOTON»: cheap sulphonate lubricants

«OLEOTON» — the new name of cheap and effective lubricants!

«OLEOTON» — the new name of cheap and effective lubricants Modern industry and equipment have high demands for quality of lubricants used. However, not all of the products on the market match these parameters. First of all, it concerns the price and quality ratio. The use of quality lubricants lead to additional costs for maintenance of the equipment. And the use of cheap materials and components does more damage and financial costs.

The new generation of «OLEOTON» lubricants is purposed to solve these technical problems without damage to ecology and environment. Developed by a team of skilled professionals, «OLEOTON» lubrication makes it possible to extend life of mechanical equipment and protect it from premature wear.

Unlike conventional sulphonate greases, the innovative producing technology of «OLEOTON» allowed significantly reduce their cost, while maintaining their high performance.

What benefits of «OLEOTON» greases?

— The lifetime extension of mechanical equipment;
— Reducing of operating costs;
— Manufacturability and no environmental pollution;
— Successful replacing of most lithium and calcium greases;
— Low cost;
— High quality;
— Reducing energy consumption;
— Applicable in all industries;
— The ability to manufacture custom-made lubricants for the needs of the client with desired performance characteristics.